artistic image of a demon
Is this the face of a demon? Who knows!

Those of you, who may have clicked on this page are perhaps a little puzzled as to why I have created an entire page, dedicated to the subject of demonology. When, if you'eve read other parts of this website you will know that I personally do not believe in entities such as demons, at least not in the type of demons as depicted by certain religious organizations.

However, the reason I did create this web page is because the subject of demons, devils, ghosts and the paranormal fit together in the minds of many people, including paranormal researchers and ghost hunters who believe that demons are very real entities that have the ability to harm and attack them, both on a psychic lever and perhaps physically. There is also the very real fear that many people have that demons can possess their body or soul and cause them to do evil things. Some people will also use demonic activity as scapegoat for illegal or immoral activity, the the devil made me do it..

There are also certain religious organizations and church's that believe ghosts and spirits are not the souls of deceased persons at all, but are in reality demons, who are attempting to deceive the living into believing they are the spirits of deceased loved ones, and by doing this, they, the demons, are attempting to open a portal or gateway to allow themselves entry to our reality.

What is demonology

Demonology is the study of demons, with the hopes of either summoning and controlling these evil spirits for some sinister, nefarious or other evil purpose. Or it is the study of these evil forces, entities and the rituals necessary to defeat and banish these demons to hell or wherever they may reside.

There are also two different types of demonologist's. The first type would be the anthropologist who studies demonology from a historical, and culturalistic point of view. They study how these belief systems came into being in ancient cultures, and how these ancient belief systems have bled over and influenced our modern societies, cultures and religions. The other type of demonologist would be the one who studies demonology from a theological point of view and who may also believe that these entities are very real, and reside in another realm of reality such as Hell or Hades. And perhaps, even have the ability to manifest themselves into our reality and haunt a particular location or even torment and haunt a particular person, and perhaps even have the ability to harm or in some other manner attack that person. Many theological demonologist's are also the priests and ministers who perform exorcisms on those who may feel that they are possessed by demons, or perhaps even by Satan himself.

I have to admit that I am somewhat of a skeptic, on the whole idea of demonology from a theological point of view. I believe that demons and demonology belong in the realm of the church and of religion. I absolutely do not believe they belongs in the investigating of supernatural or paranormal phenomena. In my opinion, there are no such things as demons! The whole concept of demons was created by religion and I believe they should stay within that realm. I feel that the only time a paranormal investigator, psychic or medium should even consider discussing demons or demonology is if their client truly believes that their home or they themselves are being haunted, tormented or in some other manner molested by demonic or dark forces.

Belief systems can be extremely powerful things. And if someone sincerely believes they are being haunted or tormented by demons, then in their reality, they are! And all precautions should be taken, and a priest or minister who has experience dealing with this type of phenomena should be consulted, it may even be advisable to get a mental health professional involved. Again I must interject here, that I make no claims to be an expert in the paranormal or demonology and perhaps this type of entity and activity is real. But in my opinion it is all falls in the category of some very deep psychological disturbance and should be resolved in any way possible, religious or otherwise. I believe you should use whatever tools you have at your disposal to help your client, whether you believe in demonic forces or not.

Inhuman spirits

Is there such a thing as an inhuman spirit or ghost? Do entities exist that have never walked the earth? Is it possible that there is another realm of reality where evil, demonic beings rule? Personally I have more belief in Satan himself then I do in an inhuman spirit, unless of course you're talking about animal ghosts. I do believe that if a human being can transcend death and their spirit continue to exist as a ghost, then I absolutely see no reason why any animals that have consciousness could not also transcend death and become a spirit. Another possibility I suppose, would be the ghosts of aliens, if such beings exist, and personally I just do not believe we are being visited by aliens, either dead or alive. But as I have said elsewhere on this website I am not an arrogant know-it-all, so therefore, perhaps, such beings and entities are real and do exist, but I am not convinced and I have yet to see any compelling evidence that would support me changing my mind.

Painting of St. Francis Borgia performing an exorcism by Goya
Painting of St. Francis Borgia performing an exorcism by Goya


Do exorcisms work? Can demonic or dark forces be driven from, and forcibly removed from a living person or haunted location using the rituals of an exorcism? Is it possible that the exorcist can cleanse or remove any negative energies from a haunted location? My answer to these questions is, an unequitable yes; I do believe that such rituals can and sometimes do work. Some of you who may read this article are probably puzzled as to how a former skeptic, who now proclaims himself to be a believer in ghosts, but not in demons or even Satan or the Devil can believe that rituals of an exorcist do work.

Well, the way I look at it is this. There are, to my way of thinking, only two real possibilities. The first of these two possibilities are that I am absolutely wrong and both demons and demonic forces are very real. And these entities reside in the dark recesses of Hell to sometimes enter the earthly realm and haunt a particular person or place. The second possibility is that they are not real at all, and only reside in the dark recesses of our own minds, imaginations and religious beliefs. If, they are real, then I believe that the rituals performed by the exorcist do exactly what they're supposed to do. The demon or demonic forces are driven out of the person's body or haunted location they possessed. They are driven out by the power of God, and of Jesus and the beliefs of the people or person who may be oppressed, or possessed by the demonic force, and also by the beliefs of the exorcist him or herself. and believe it or not by the beliefs of the demonic forces themselves.

The other possibility is that demons and demonic forces are not real, in which case they exist only in the imaginations and psyche of those who believe they are possessed. But even if this scenario is real, then the exorcism will, in my opinion still work, simply because of the faith of those involved. And faith can be an extremely powerful thing. And I sincerely believe that faith alone can free someone who may truly believe they have become possessed. But sometimes that faith needs a little reinforcing through whatever religious beliefs that person may have. That I think, is where the priests or ministers who perform these rituals need to work with the individuals involved, and perhaps even with mental health professionals.

I am not professional or expert in any aspect of the paranormal, ghosts, demonology, psychology, parapsychology or any other aspect of the paranormal or related topics. This article is based solely upon my own personal beliefs and opinions. If you or someone you love is being tormented by what you believe to be malignant or malevolent forces, demons or ghosts, get help! Get the help, from whatever source you believe will help.