Paranormal images

Pictures of apparitions, ghosts and other paranormal type phenomena.

Brown Lady

The brown lady

ghost of a man looking out a door

Is this the ghost of a man looking
out a door? Perhaps imprisoned and can't leave.

To me this looks like a cloud of fog with a either
a flashlight or motorcycle in the background.


Ectoplasm? Perhaps! Photo courtesyPhoto courtesy

ghost on stairway

Is this an image of a ghost on a stairway?

Orb and ectoplasm

This image has both orbs and what looks like ectoplasm. submitted by Brandy Rolin.

Ghost fact behind tree

Notice the face behind the tree.

Ghost near RR track

This image has been provided by Louise Barlow. To view the image full size please click on the image itself.

Ghost girl

Notice the girl in the background. You can see through her.

ectoplasm at party

This photo was taken by Art Hernandez on vacation in the Philippines with his wife's family.

ectoplasm and orbs


horse ectoplasm

Horse ecto photo taken at Gettysburg, Pa

Orb at historic Ott Hotel

Orb atc Ott Hotel

Apparition with hat

Apparition at Ott Hotel

ghost faces

Faces of ghosts, or is it paradoelia?

ghost in doorway

Image courtesy of Shaquira Cooper of a ghost in her doorway.

face in clouds

Classic pareidolia, a face in the clouds

ghost in window

Picture of a ghost in a window.

black mass

Notice the black mass in front of the fire place. A psychic told the girl she was being followed by a black mass. The photographer swears it is not smoke coming from the fire place.

Maybe it's pareidolia but it does look like a face in the mist. Contributed by Christopher Richardson

A spirit of a little girl?

Real ghost or camera exposure. My opinion, Camera exposure.

The spirit of the grandfather? Or is it just a reflection?

Photo by Alex Donovan near the city of Salta, Argentina. Notice the figure by the tree in the background.

The ghost on the stairs is another famous ghost picture taken by a retired minister.

An apparition of a young woman sitting on a tombstone at bachelors grove cemetery in Chicago